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June 16, 2010

A Note About Post Frequency

Posted in: Oni Speaks

Hey guys, this is where I post static tutorials when I have the time. I recently started my very own comic/internet/geek convention. It’s called Intervention. It will be on Sept 10-12 2010 in Maryland.

Pre-Registration is Now Available for Purchase!

I will be VERY busy until this convention is over because I am responsible for making sure that it is amazing and a great resource for artists. I am working from 5 in the morning well through midnight on most days. I will post things here, but this explains why I haven’t posted in a bit. I do have some tutorials mostly written. After the convention I will go back to posting more frequently. Right now I am posting here whenever I can.

If you can come to my event, please pre register now.

If you are an artist, you can buy a table here.

If you are awesome, you can send people to my comic: Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos. I am still updating that and my personal blog as usual.

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