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August 20, 2009

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Think you can make a great tutorial or video tutorial about how you make your artwork? Want to get it posted here? Contact Oni through the below form with your idea!

What will increase your chances of getting it posted here?

We are looking for easy to read tutorials. Please don’t skip steps. We strongly suggest the use of bulleted lists and “chunking” your text in small bits to make it easier for the reader’s eye. (Just look at how Oni does it in her posts if you are confused.)

Cute images that illustrate your point or make it hilarious to read are a bonus!

We reserve the right to edit your text for clarity if you make minor mistakes that can be fixed quickly.

You will be credited with a link back to your website, so please include that information so that we can credit you properly.

DO NOT send your tutorial through this form! If your tutorial is accepted, Oni will contact you via email and you can then email the content to her.

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